U Clean Supplies offers a diverse selection of painting wipes, painting rags, drop sheets, lint-free surface preparation wipes, and graffiti removal wipes. These products effectively absorb paints, solvents, spirits, and various chemicals. Specifically designed for the painting industry, powder coating lines, spray booths, and tasks requiring lint-sensitive materials, our range caters to a wide array of needs.

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Painters, artists, and decorators heavily rely on painting rags and wipes during their work. U Clean Supplies offers a comprehensive range of cleaning wipes, including paint rags, solvent-resistant wipes, and lint-free options. These products have become a staple in paint stores nationwide, are found in painters’ vans, and are frequently utilized on various job sites for surface preparation and cleanup tasks.

Here's a concise overview and description of the U Clean Supplies product lineup.

Surface Preparation Wipes

For impeccable surface preparation, nothing beats the effectiveness of PROFESSIONAL SURFACE PREPARATION WIPES, also known as "PROPREP WIPES." These robust, tear-resistant wipes have a rubber-like texture and excel at preparing painting surfaces. They efficiently absorb paints, solvents, oils, and chemicals, thanks to their melt-blown polypropylene material. These paint clean-up wipes are multi-purpose and are used for cleaning brushes, applying, wiping, and preparing surfaces for painting. They are cost-effective, disposable, and conveniently available in both white and blue variants, such as the WHITE PROPREP WIPES and the BLUE PROPREP WIPES. Packaged in portable dispenser boxes, they are easy to carry to job sites and are also available in packs if preferred, like the POLYPROPYLENE SURFACE PREPARATION SHEETS.

Another popular choice among painters is the non-abrasive SOLVENT RESISTANT WIPES. These smooth-textured wipes effectively absorb paint, solvents, ink, oils, and chemicals.

U Clean Supplies also offers a heavier-duty version of these wipes called the JUMBO RHINO ROLL, suitable for more demanding paint preparation tasks. The RHINO POP-UP BOX provides a convenient portable option for this product.

Lastly, the DELICATE SURFACE WIPES are a preferred, economical choice for cleaning paint brushes. These thin, disposable wood pulp sheets are designed for light-duty use.

Paint Rags

Undoubtedly, U Clean Supplies' flagship product in this category is their range of rags. Within their painting rags collection, options include t-shirts, cotton, fleecy, and flannel rags.

The WHITE T-SHIRT PAINTING RAGS are favored among painters due to their non-dye bleeding into paint and high visibility in different colors. Alternatively, the MIXED COLOURED T-SHIRT PAINTING RAGS offer a cheaper yet equally absorbent option. However, due to lint concerns, painters often prefer white cotton rags blended with fleecy and flannel materials. Packaging options range from 5kg, 10 kg, to 20kg bags.

Considering the rising cost of white t-shirt material, many painters are transitioning to synthetic wipes like OMNIWIPES. These wipes not only exhibit excellent paint visibility but also possess higher absorbency owing to their ultra-high viscose content. Each pack, akin to the portable 1.5kg bags, contains 50 wipes.

Painters Lint-Free Wipes

Synthetic wipes are crafted from cellulose, viscose, polyester, polypropylene, and polyamide, tailored with predetermined strengths, weights, and thicknesses. They are engineered to be ultra-low linting or completely lint-free, a crucial feature desired by painters and artists to prevent residue on painted surfaces while efficiently absorbing solvents, paints, and chemicals.

At the pinnacle of paint wipes are the INDUSTRO WIPES. These oversized, ultra-low lint wipes efficiently clean and dry surfaces, adept at absorbing paints and solvents without being abrasive.

For more specific tasks, consider the LINT-FREE MICROMAX WIPES, ideal for canvas work and absorbing paints and solvents. Alternatively, the DELICATE TASK WIPES are handy for paintbrush cleaning.

Another highly sought-after lint-free paint product is POLYSOFT WIPES. These polyester cloths, with their double-knit weave, release ultra-low fibers. Their laser-cut and sealed edges prevent loose fibers, making them soft, non-abrasive, tear-resistant, and resistant to paints and solvents—ideal for wiping spills and performing touch-ups.

Lastly, the WHITE RHINO ROLLS are extremely popular disposable paint wipes due to their low cost, minimal lint, toughness, and high absorbency. Each roll comprises 220 perforated pieces capable of absorbing paints, oils, and solvents.

Disposable Paper Towel Rolls

Essential for on-site clean-up tasks, disposable towels play a crucial role for painters. For instance, the JUMBO BLUE PAPER TOWEL ROLL consists of 1000 sheets of perforated, 3-ply glued paper tissue. With its low linting properties, high wet strength, and thickness, it excels at absorbing and retaining paint.

Similarly, the BLUE INDUSTRO WIPES ROLLS offer 500 thicker, lower linting wipes, suitable for tasks where lint sensitivity is a concern. These wipes are both highly absorbent and durable. For more portable hand-sized rolls, consider the BLUEMAX ROLLS.

Additionally, the CLASSIC 300M JUMBO ROLL offers 600 perforated sheets, catering to various needs.

JUMBO ROLL FLOOR DISPENSERS are available for these jumbo rolls, either as wall-mounted fixtures or portable floor stands.

Paint Drop Sheets

SUPERMAX PAINT DROP SHEETS effectively absorb paint spills and are provided in cartons containing 200 XL orange absorbent pads.

Paint Removal Wipes

Our Paint Removal Wipes offer a convenient and efficient solution for eliminating paint residues. Specially formulated for ease of use, these wipes to remove paint effectively lift and remove paint, making them ideal for various surfaces and applications.

Painters Gloves

U Clean Supplies offers a range of nitrile gloves, protecting paints, solvents, and other chemicals. These gloves offer varying thicknesses to cater to different sensitivities. The THIN NITRILE GLOVE and the thicker PREMIUM NITRILE GLOVE accommodate different preferences, with commercial painters often opting for thicker variants.

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