Printers rely on U Clean Supplies for their cleaning and upkeep requirements. Our diverse range includes lint-free wipes designed specifically for sensitive components like printheads. Moreover, we offer ink-absorbent cloths, printer rags, foam swabs, and gloves. These products not only enhance print quality but also significantly prolong the lifespan of both equipment and parts.

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U Clean Supplies for Commercial Printing Equipment

U Clean Supplies offers an extensive selection of lint-free printing wipes and ink-absorbent cloths designed specifically for commercial printers. These products are meticulously crafted to clean and maintain lint-sensitive parts, including printheads, in the printing and sign-writing industries. Alongside these, our inventory includes printer rags, foam swabs, and gloves.

Identifying Printer Cleaning Needs

Printheads and nozzles often face clogging due to ink buildup or prolonged inactivity. Recognizing the signs of clogged printheads—such as poor-quality printouts, faded text, or smudging—is crucial. When cleaning printer heads and nozzles, utilizing soft and lint-free Polysift Wipes is recommended to prevent any damage to delicate printer components. Additionally, handling the contact points with care by avoiding direct contact and delicately cleaning printheads with these wipes and swabs is essential. Opting for distilled or mineral water when using cloths and swabs, rather than alcohol, is also advised.

Lint-Free Printer Wipes for Precision

Maintaining clean printheads is vital to preventing print quality issues. U Clean Supplies' Polysift Wipes are specifically designed as lint-free printer cloths to keep contact points, nozzles, and printheads pristine. Their gentle texture ensures they won’t harm internal chambers, cylinders, drums, or plates, making them suitable for various printers, including large-format, multi-format, offset, UV, and optical media printers.

Precision Cleaning with Polysoft Wipes

Polysift Wipes undergo rigorous washing processes to eliminate lint particles. Once laundered, they are double-bagged in a cleanroom environment, resulting in lint-free printing cloths ideal for sensitive cleaning tasks. These cleaning wipes effectively clean delicate printer parts, lenses, glass surfaces, stainless steel, computer discs, monitors, and touchscreens.

Specialized Wipes and Swabs

For applying and removing solvents and IPA, printers rely on LintNIL wipes, ensuring minimal lint release and suitable softness for delicate parts. Additionally, the Micromax cloth offers a smooth, soft texture, perfect for lint-free polishing in printer maintenance.

Foam Swabs for Precision Cleaning

Paired with Polysift Wipes, lint-free double-headed foam swabs are used for precise printhead cleaning and removing debris from heads, nozzles, and cylinders. The large foam tips, along with heat-sealed construction, enable reaching recesses and cavities on printing equipment.

Absorbent Printing Wipes

Solvent Resistant Wipes are a popular choice for cleaning inks, oils, and lubricants due to their high absorbency and tear-resistant composition. These ultra-low-lint wipes are suitable for screens, offset, lithographic, and flexi printers, offering 90 wipes per roll with six rolls per carton.

Versatile Rhino Wipes

The Rhino Wipes Dispenser Box, available in portable pop-up boxes or jumbo rolls, serves as an excellent absorber of inks, chemicals, and solvents. Their lint-free features make them ideal for surface preparation, providing 475 perforated pieces on a roll, a must-have in any print room.

Disposable Paper Towels for Printers

The 3-ply blue Jumbo Paper Towel Roll offers disposable, thick paper towels for effectively cleaning ink off hands and tools in busy print rooms. These absorbent, low-linting towels are available with floor stands and wall dispensers for convenience.

High-Quality T-Shirt Rags and Alternatives

U Clean Supplies provides White T-Shirt Rags and Recycled Colored T-Shirt Rags in various bag sizes, offering highly absorbent clean-up material for press and printing environments. Additionally, the Omniwipes, a white spun lace cloth with exceptional absorbency, comes in convenient packs, showing ink stains easily.

Lint-Free Printers’ Gloves

U Clean Supplies offers lint-free nitrile gloves for print rooms, available in thick versions resistant to chemicals. These gloves effectively protect against dyes and ink, with options like Thin Black Nitrile Gloves for agility and Premium Black Nitrile Gloves featuring low-sweat technology.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which lint-free cloths are best for cleaning print heads?

U Clean Supplies recommends POLYSOFT LINT-FREE CLOTHS for printhead maintenance due to their lint-free, soft, and non-abrasive qualities. Specifically designed for delicate cleaning tasks and applications sensitive to lint. POLYSOFT WIPES offer a professional solution for cleaning printheads.

  1. Why is it important to use soft, lint-free cloths to clean print heads?

It's crucial to use soft, non-abrasive cloths for cleaning printheads to prevent any potential damage. Additionally, ensuring the cloth is lint-free is essential to avoid depositing lint particles onto the printheads, which could adversely affect print runs.

  1. How to clean printheads without damaging them?

To safely maintain printers without causing damage or leaving lint residue, U Clean Supplies recommends the use of super soft, LINT-FREE POLYSOFT WIPES. These wipes are suitable for various printer maintenance tasks, such as cleaning contact points, nozzles, printheads, imaging cylinders, plates, rollers, and scanner drums. It's advisable to avoid direct contact with printheads and nozzles to prevent contamination.

  1. Are Polysoft Wipes lint-free?

Yes, POLYSOFT WIPES are lint-free owing to their double-knit construction and laser-sealed edges. Furthermore, they undergo rigorous laundering processes to minimize any excess particles and extractable ions from the wipes.