Say Goodbye to Unpleasant Odors: Buy Our Powerful Urine Odor Remover! 

The most effective solution available in Australia for neutralizing persistent human and animal urine odors from carpet, upholstery, and bedding is urine contamination treatment. Apart from carpet and upholstery, this treatment effectively manages urine odors on various surfaces, such as tile, concrete, wood floors, and more.

Urine Contamination Treatment is also safe for application on stain-resistant carpeting.

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Shop the Best Urine Odour Remover for a Fresh-Scented Home!

Are you ready to tackle those stubborn human and animal urine odours? Look no further than our store, where you can buy Urine Contamination Treatment - the ultimate solution for eliminating unwanted smells. 

Our specially formulated urine remover is your go-to pet urine cleaner, designed to combat stains and odors caused by pets effectively. Say goodbye to unpleasant smells with our powerful pet urine odor eliminator

Whether it's on carpets, upholstery, or hard surfaces, our pet urine odour remover ensures thorough and efficient cleaning. Trust our urine odour remover to restore freshness and cleanliness to your space effortlessly.


This treatment effectively neutralizes and controls odours on a variety of surfaces, including:

  • Tiles
  • Concrete
  • Timber
  • Slate
  • Vinyl

Suitable for use in:

  • Residential settings
  • Aged care facilities
  • Special accommodation units
  • Hospitals
  • Pet accommodations
  • Farms
  • Childcare centers
  • Urinals

Can urine odour removers be used in commercial or industrial settings?

Yes, urine odour remover can be used in commercial or industrial settings, such as pet care facilities, veterinary clinics, or janitorial services. Our commercial-grade urine odour removers are available and formulated for high-volume use and tough odour-elimination tasks. These products may offer enhanced potency and efficiency compared to residential-grade removers, making them suitable for demanding environments.

Where can I purchase a urine odour eliminator?

Purchase a top-notch urine odour eliminator from the U Clean Supplies store for a fresh-smelling environment. High-quality solution for tackling unpleasant smells effectively. Shop now.