U Clean Supplies offers an extensive selection of wipes and clothes tailored for aged care purposes. Our inventory comprises gentle personal care wipes, washcloths, and highly absorbent incontinence wipes specifically designed for spills and leakages. For stringent contamination management, we provide color-coded cloths and hygienic single-use disposable wipes. Explore the diverse range of dry and wet wipes available in our assortment of aged care products.

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U Clean Supplies: Aged Care Wipes And Cloths For The Elderly

U Clean Supplies offers a wide range of products for AGED CARE WIPES catering to various needs from color-coded cloths to personalized care cleaning wipes. These items boast exceptional absorbency, swiftly managing spills and leaks. Notably, our highly absorbent incontinence wipes receive consistent praise. We provide numerous choices for surface washing and drying, crucial aspects of aged care to curb germ transmission. As advocates of best hygiene practices, we advocate for the use of single-use disposable wipes.

The priority for hygiene care among older individuals demands top-quality cleaning clothes, especially within constrained budgets. U Clean Supplies has gained the trust of elderly care homes with our AGED CARE CLEANING CLOTHS. Our direct supply chain ensures uncompromised quality for end-users.

Recognizing the risks associated with germ transmission, we specialize in providing single-touch and single-use wipes like DISPOSABLE WASHCLOTHS, ELDERLY CARE WIPES, INCONTINENCE WIPES, and PERSONAL CARE WIPES

Instances of germ outbreaks in aged care facilities necessitate consistent disinfection of surfaces and regular hand washing. Two additional preventive measures involve using single-use disposable items and employing a color-coded cleaning cloth system, both of which we discuss in detail below.

Single-Use Disposable Wipes

According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention), using single-use disposables once per person per procedure is recommended. Consequently, after each use, these disposable items should be properly disposed of.

Aged care homes are particularly prone to harboring numerous germs, including those from bodily fluids like fecal matter. Inadequate cleansing of surfaces contributes to the rapid spread of these germs, resulting in resident illnesses.

Thus, maintaining disinfected and hygienic surfaces and floors, especially high-touch surfaces like switches, elevator buttons, handles, and common living area surfaces, is crucial. Reusable cloths pose a risk of carrying germs for various reasons, including incorrect washing temperatures or pre-use contamination. Even after sanitization, reusable cloths may still harbor germs, facilitating their spread.

The most effective strategy to contain the spread of germs is through single-use items, preventing them from accumulating and being transferred to other areas.

New AGED CARE CLEANING WIPES exhibit optimal performance initially but might lose efficacy over time. Therefore, utilizing new disposable products ensures top performance, with collected germs disposed of promptly.

Wipster Wipes: Your Cleaning Companion

WIPSTER WIPES are renowned for their high absorbency, minimal linting, and soft, gentle texture. They are conveniently available in pull-out dispenser boxes.

AMBIWIPES: A Single-Use Disposable Solution

The single-use disposable AMBIWIPES offer cost-effectiveness with a pack of 300 multipurpose sheets. Highly absorbent and with minimal lint, these wipes are ideal for easy access on trolleys, bedside tables, and counters. Additionally, they are available in rolls with wall dispensers.

LINTNIL WIPES: Gentle Textured Cleaning

PATIENT WIPES and larger LINTNIL WIPES, both featuring an extra soft, gentle texture, are suitable for cleaning faces, hands, baths, or other tasks requiring an ultra-low linting, non-abrasive wipe. Widely used in aged care, hospitals, and home care, these wipes are ideal for the elderly, incontinent individuals, patients, disabled persons, children, and babies.

Color-Coded Cleaning Cloths

Color-coded cleaning plays a pivotal role in infection control and prevention. Brightly colored cloths ensure visibility, making it easy to detect any misplaced or misused items.

U Clean Supplies' color-coded system comprises RED, GREEN, BLUE, and YELLOW cloths, each designated for specific areas or tasks. Restricting cloth colors to particular locations or jobs significantly reduces germ transmission. For instance, RED CLOTHS are limited to high-germ areas like washrooms, while GREEN CLOTHS are reserved for kitchen use. BLUE CLOTHS cater to general-purpose cleaning in low germ-risk areas, whereas YELLOW CLOTHS serve specialized tasks.

To facilitate the implementation of this system, utilize the UCLEAN SUPPLIES COLOUR CODED CLEANING CHART, a printable guide that can be affixed to walls in aged care facilities.

By incorporating this chart into staff training, maintaining hygienic cleaning practices becomes more manageable. This systematic approach controls the spread of germs, reducing the likelihood of infections among residents.

Comprehensive staff training should cover germ types, transmission mechanisms, appropriate cloth usage, chemical application, and effective cleaning methods.

U Clean Supplies provides a diverse range of COLOUR CODED CLOTHS, including MAXI WIPES, ROLLS OF WIPES, and LINT-FREE MICROFIBRE CLOTHS.

Incontinence Wipes For Adults

Incontinence is prevalent among the elderly, but it affects individuals of all ages, including those with obesity, physical disabilities, prostate issues, or recent childbirth. U Clean Supplies acknowledges the significance of high-quality incontinence wiping cloths, leading to the development of high-performing.

OMNIWIPES. offers a highly efficient solution with quick absorption and a gentle, soft texture. Widely used in aged care, nursing, and palliative care homes, they cater to personal care needs, including incontinence management. Physically disabled individuals find them invaluable for similar tasks.

Their exceptional absorbency makes OMNIWIPES discreet and convenient for managing incontinence issues, be it urinary, menstrual, or bowel leakage.

To contribute to sustainability, OMNIWIPES primarily comprise natural materials, minimizing synthetic content. These high-quality products are disposable and conveniently packed in cartons containing 50 sheets per bag across 12 bags for hygiene reasons.

A related product serving a similar purpose is the WIPSTER WIPES, featuring ultra-soft pull-out sheets renowned for their absorbency and minimal linting.

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