U Clean Supplies’ Industrial Wipes: Tough, Durable, and Absorbent!

U Clean Supplies offers industrial wipes that are resilient, durable, and highly absorbent, catering to the specific needs of various industries such as manufacturing, mining, engineering, printing, and painting.

These industrial cleaning wipes present a viable alternative to traditional rags, providing users with numerous advantages. Unlike rags, these wipes boast consistent sizing, weight, and absorbency, ensuring superior performance, enhanced productivity, and minimized waste. Additionally, they offer increased hygiene, reduced bulkiness, and cost-effective transportation and storage solutions.

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U Clean Supplies: Revolutionizing Industrial Cleaning Solutions

Modern industrial cleaning demands specialized wiping solutions tailored to unique tasks. U Clean Supplies offers a diverse range of industrial cleaning wipes and cloths designed to replace outdated practices involving T-shirts as rags. This progressive shift prioritizes less cumbersome, more hygienic, and task-focused products. Our commitment to innovation has resulted in an expanded product line, offering high-performance synthetic industrial disinfectant wipes and cloths that outshine traditional rags in terms of effectiveness, waste reduction, and consistency.

Meeting Diverse Professional Wiping Needs

At U Clean Supplies, we specialize in industrial wipes and cloths, aiming to cater to diverse professional needs across various sectors such as engineering, mining, mechanics, mariners, manufacturers, commercial businesses, printers, painters, and more. Whether it's lint-free specialty wipes, polishing cloths, oil absorption pads, dental specialty wipes, solutions for cleaning machines and hands or absorbing fluids, chemicals, oils, and solvents, we have the right products. We understand the distinct requirements of cleanrooms, research labs, and engineering companies seeking solutions for intricate or challenging tasks.

Rhino Wipes: Unrivaled Strength and Durability

Formerly known as Rhino Wipes, our flagship line—U Clean Supplies' Rhino products—is synonymous with strength, durability, and absorbency. The Jumbo Rhino Roll, featuring heavy-duty, thick sheets of lint-free material, excels at precision cleaning tasks. This robust product is a preferred choice in industries like engineering, fabrication, transport, and automotive. It is adept at absorbing oil, solvents, and grease. Additionally, the Rhino Wipes Dispenser Box and White Rhino Roll offer the same heavy-duty performance in convenient formats suitable for various industrial uses.

Industro Wipes: A Comprehensive Solution for Various Tasks

U Clean Supplies proudly presents Industro Wipes, perfect for wiping large surface areas, machinery, equipment, and cleaning tasks involving chemicals. Available in cartons and jumbo rolls, these low-lint, reusable, absorbent wipes are ideal for diverse industrial applications, including glass and surface polishing, equipment maintenance, and cleaning.

Lint-Free Industrial Wipes: Polishing Perfection

Our Polysoft Lint-Free Cloth delivers exceptional softness and non-abrasive wiping. With a focus on reducing fiber loss and ensuring lint-free performance, these wipes find applications in printing, painting, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, cleanrooms, and spray booths.

Jumbo Rolls for Versatile Applications

U Clean Supplies offers a range of jumbo rolls, including the Industrial Paper Towel Roll, the Classic Jumbo Roll, and the Jumbo Industro Wipes Blue Roll. These rolls cater to various industries, providing cost-effective, absorbent solutions for cleaning, wiping, and spill management.

Specialized Wipes for Degreasing and Oil Absorption

Our Proprep Wipes and Rag-on-a-Roll (ROAR) serve as superior degreasing cloths and oil-absorbent wipes, addressing diverse cleaning needs in industries such as automotive, hospitality, and manufacturing.

Innovative Solutions Beyond Rags

U Clean Supplies understands the limitations of traditional rag usage. We offer alternatives like Omniwipes and Premium Wipes, providing superior performance, consistency, and cost-effectiveness compared to conventional rags.

Industrial Wipes

  • Fresh, Sanitary, and Hygienic
  • Uniform Size and Shape for Consistency
  • Reduced Waste for Cost Efficiency
  • Easier Carton Storage and Affordable Shipping
  • Low-Lint and Lint-Free Design
  • Lower Cost Per Usage
  • Enhanced Absorbency and Efficiency

Recycled Rags

  • Pre-used, Lesser Hygiene Standards
  • Inconsistent Sizes, Shapes, and Textures
  • Higher Wastage Due to Unsuitability of Some Rags
  • Bulky Packaging Incurs Higher Storage and Shipping Costs
  • Lint Presence Compromises Cleanliness
  • Higher Cost Per Usage
  • Generally Inferior Absorbency and Effectiveness Compared to Wipes

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