U Clean Supplies offers an extensive selection of cleaning wipes tailored to fulfill the precise wiping needs within the aviation and aerospace sectors. These encompass lint-free wipes for aviation, wipes designed for aircraft maintenance, and cloths specifically crafted for aircraft windscreen polishing.

Whether your needs pertain to specialized aerospace wipes or general-purpose aviation wipes, feel free to get in touch with us via phone or email. We’re here to explore how we can support your requirements effectively.

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Aviation BLUEMAX Jumbo Roll Wipes | 500 pcs | 50cm x 30cm

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Aviation Jumbo Paper Roll Floor Dispenser | 86cm x 44cm

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Aviation Jumbo Paper Towel Roll | 3-Ply | 36cm x 36cm

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Aviation Jumbo Wipes Roll | 600 pcs | 50cm x 30cm

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Aviation Rhino Wipes | Jumbo Lint Free Blue Roll | 32cm x 34cm

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U CLEAN SUPPLIES offers a range of both general-purpose and specialized aerospace wipes and aviation cleaning wipes. Whether it’s handling sensitive wiping tasks or tackling challenging, heavy-duty jobs, we have the perfect aviation cleaning supplies for your needs.

Aviation Cleaning Wipes 

For general cleaning in aviation, consider our range of disposable wipes like PREMIUM WIPES ON A ROLL (Blue, Green, or Red), MAXI WIPES (Blue, Green, Red, or Yellow), and white OMNIWIPES.

If you require disposable shop towels for cleaning hands, tools, and equipment, explore our JUMBO PAPER TOWEL ROLLS or the thicker RAGS ON A ROLL tear-off paper towels, both offering high absorbency and durability.

Lint-Free Aviation Wipes

In aircraft maintenance, lint-free wipes are crucial, and we provide various options suitable for mechanical tasks and cleaning screens, monitors, and windscreens. Here are the primary lint-free products available:

Proprep Wipes

For professional surface preparation, nothing beats our PROPREP WIPES. These melt-blown polypropylene wipes excel in being ultra-low-lint and highly absorbent of surface dirt, grease, oil, lubricants, and solvents. They are not just absorbent but also durable and tear-resistant. Available in blue or white colors in convenient portable dispenser boxes.

Wipster Wipes

U CLEAN SUPPLIES' WIPSTER WIPES fulfill the essential requirements of ultra-low linting and superb absorbency. These cleaning wipes are sturdy, tear-resistant, and effectively soak up chemicals and solvents without leaving lint particles behind. They come conveniently packed in a user-friendly dispenser box.

Polysoft Wipes

When 100% lint-free wipes are a must, turn to our POLYSOFT WIPES. These aviation cloths leave no lint whatsoever, making them perfect for delicate electronic maintenance tasks, engine cleaning, and other jobs where lint is unacceptable. They come vacuum-packed with laser-sealed edges to prevent lint debris and are available in 4″, 9″, and 12″ sizes.

Heavy-Duty Aircraft Maintenance Wipes

U CLEAN SUPPLIES' LOW-LINT INDUSTRO WIPES are excellent for cleaning large surface areas like cockpit or passenger windows. These massive aviation wipes are low-lint, non-scratch, super absorbent, and durable, making them perfect for various cleaning tasks.

For tougher cleaning jobs, we offer "RHINO WIPES" in jumbo rolls, smaller white rolls, or dispenser boxes. These heavy-duty wipes are excellent for cleaning grease, oil, and other spills, remaining ultra-low lint, tough, and tear-resistant.

Additionally, we provide various other dispenser boxes of wipes used in the aviation industry, such as WIPSTER WIPES, BLUE WIPES DISPENSER BOX, and HANDIWIPES BOX.

Lastly, our SUPERMAX OIL ABSORBENT PADS are thick, cost-effective solutions for catching and soaking up oil spills in aircraft hangars.

Aircraft Windscreen Polishing Clothes

Our MICROFIBRE LENS Clothes serve as effective aircraft windshield cleaning cloths, available in customizable sizes and colors. These soft aviation wipes, akin to those used for cleaning glass lenses in spectacle cases, are ideal for windshields, avionic screens, and cockpit monitors.

Get in Touch

For all your aviation cleaning wipe needs, please contact us via phone, email, or through our Facebook page at U CLEAN SUPPLIES.