U Clean Supplies enhances its range of hospital wipes, ensuring superior thickness and increased absorbency to adhere to the stringent commercial requirements of restaurants, hotels, pubs, and bars. In bustling environments where staff are occupied, maintaining impeccable hygiene becomes paramount, leaving no room to compromise on quality. Our line of products caters to both front-of-house serving areas and back-of-house operations, establishing U Clean Supplies as a trusted brand synonymous with top-tier professional products within the hospitality sector.

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U Clean Supplies for Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes, and Bars

When the kitchen is bustling and the service area is in full swing, the reliability of superior-quality hospitality wipes becomes paramount. U Clean Supplies is committed to delivering top-notch commercial-grade wipes for hospitals and is a trusted choice for numerous bars, restaurants, and hotels. Our extensive range includes table and kitchen cleaning cloths tailored for front-of-house use and commercial kitchens, as well as specialized cloths for restroom and bathroom cleaning. Acknowledging the cleaning hurdles encountered by the hospitality industry, we offer cleaning wipes suitable for daily tasks in hotels, guest houses, motels, resorts, and hostels.

Our professional wiping solutions encompass an array of options, be it table cleaning cloths or bar counter wipes. By collaborating with businesses, we prioritize the maintenance of a healthy and hygienic environment. Whether opting for disposable wipes or reusable color-coded cloths, our products ensure both quality and optimal performance.

Kitchen Cleaning Essentials

Hygiene and cleanliness take precedence in the food industry to prevent incidents like salmonella or food poisoning, which can lead to business closures. Employing high-quality kitchen cloths for surface cleaning and sanitization is instrumental in controlling the spread of germs. However, it's crucial to address the risks posed by dirty or wet cleaning cloths, as they can harbor infectious agents, potentially transferring them between surfaces. Disinfecting cleaning cloths, such as by rinsing them in bleach, is vital for maintaining hygiene standards. Additionally, using color-coded wash-up cloths aids in minimizing germ spread and cross-contamination.

Choosing hospital disinfectant wipes treated with antibacterial agents is imperative, as these agents impede bacteria growth, extending the wipes' lifespan. For instance, the antibacterial properties in our wipes significantly contribute to their efficacy.

Our range includes MAXI WIPE, a thick, reusable sponge-like table cleaning cloth, known as J-CLOTHS or VISCOSE CLOTHS, renowned for its exceptional liquid absorption capabilities. These cloths are gentle on surfaces, making them suitable for wiping spills in bars or cleaning restaurant tables without causing scratches.

For larger cleaning tasks, consider the EXTRA LARGE SUPERMAX, particularly useful in hotels for swift absorption of floor and carpet spills. The orange SUPERMAX variant, part of the super-sized range, boasts enhanced absorbency with added viscose content, covering approximately 2.5 times more surface area and doubling the weight of MAXI WIPES.

Managing Kitchen Grease and Oils

U Clean Supplies offers the ideal solution for tackling kitchen grease, fats, and oils through PROPREP WIPES. These robust polypropylene wipes excel at absorbing and eliminating fats, oils, and grease and are conveniently packaged in portable dispenser boxes for ease of use. Whether opting for WHITE PROPREP WIPES or BLUE PROPREP WIPES, these professional wipes offer numerous advantages, making them indispensable in commercial kitchens. Their exceptional ability to pick up dirt and impurities makes them a valuable asset for cleaning and preparing kitchen surfaces, ensuring time and cost savings for businesses.

Color-Coded System for Enhanced Hygiene

U Clean Supplies introduces color-coded hospital sanitizing wipes designed to minimize the risk of germ spread across different areas. Implementing distinct colors for healthcare clothes reduces the chances of using the same cloth for incompatible tasks or areas, thereby maintaining healthy and hygienic environments, especially in aged care, medical facilities, and healthcare settings.

  • GREEN WIPES: Dedicated to food areas like kitchens where food preparation and serving occur.
  • BLUE WIPES: Designed for general cleaning in low-risk germ areas such as wards and corridors.
  • RED WIPES: Reserved for high germ-concentration areas like bathrooms, washrooms, and toilets.
  • YELLOW WIPES: Intended for low germ-risk areas or specific tasks.

Implementing color-coded cloths helps prevent germ transmission by assigning specific colors to wipes and restricting their usage to designated areas or tasks. This systematic approach ensures that each cloth serves a particular purpose or area, minimizing unnecessary germ spread. For instance, GREEN WIPES designated for the kitchen must not leave that area, while RED WIPES should remain in high-germ zones like bathrooms. Utilize BLUE WIPES for general purposes and low-risk tasks, while YELLOW WIPES cater to specialized needs.

Enhanced Options for Specific Cleaning Needs

U Clean Supplies provides an array of disposable wiping options, eliminating the concern of color coding due to their single-use nature. RAG-ON-A-ROLL, WHITE RHINO ROLLS, and BLUE RHINO ROLLS are among our hygienic and cost-effective disposable wiping solutions.

Experience the durability and absorbency of RHINO WIPES, specially designed for demanding kitchen cleaning tasks involving grease, oils, and chemicals. Their robust construction ensures they can withstand tough challenges without tearing or linting, making them perfect for various demanding tasks. The RHINO WIPES POP-UP BOX is an alternative offering strong disposable wipes capable of cleaning hands and surfaces efficiently, effectively removing grease and grime from kitchen appliances while absorbing solvents and oils.

Disposable Hand Towels for Convenience

Our "RAG-ON-A-ROLL" consists of 200 perforated tear-off thick paper sheets, reinforced for added strength with a 4-ply tissue. These disposable paper towels, along with our solvent-resistant hospital cleaning wipes, effectively tackle stubborn grease and grime during intense kitchen cleanings.

For kitchens with high cloth usage, the CLASSIC GREEN JUMBO ROLL offers a convenient solution, featuring 600 perforated disposable sheets (30 cm x 50 cm). Available with wall-mounted dispensers or portable floor dispenser stands, these cloths provide an economical option for busy kitchen areas.

Versatile Surface Cleaning Solutions

U Clean Supplies presents a range of surface cleaning wipes, including HEAVY DUTY ("PREMIUM") and BAMBOO WIPES. The heavier variants contain extra weight per square meter and are available in rolls or flat packs.

Explore the PREMIUM HEAVY DUTY ROLLS OF WIPES, comprising 90 tear-off hospitality wipes on a 45-meter roll, available in GREEN, BLUE, and RED variants. These rolls, treated with antibacterial agents, offer extended cloth life by inhibiting bacterial growth and minimizing linting.

For an eco-friendly and cost-effective choice, consider GREEN BAMBOO WIPES, offering 90 perforated sheets per roll and catering to the needs of restaurants and kitchens. Additionally, the CLASSIC GREEN JUMBO ROLL provides a larger roll option, offering 600 sheets for high-usage areas.

Microfibre Cleaning Excellence

U Clean Supplies offers an assortment of COLOUR-CODED MICROFIBRE BAR CLOTHS, specifically designed for cleaning surfaces by efficiently absorbing dust particles.


Diverse Range of Wet Wipes

Our collection of hospital wet wipes includes antibacterial variants, wipes for equipment surface grease removal, refresher face wipes, and disposable wet wipes for hands, appliances, and utensils. Explore our range to find the best-suited wipes for your specific needs.

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