U Clean Supplies caters to mechanics, garages, vehicle fleets, dealerships, workshops, car washes, panel beaters, and detailers by offering top-notch automotive wipes. Our range comprises workshop towels, alternatives to traditional rags, and bulk packs of cleaning wipes and cloths. We provide an array of products, from wall-mounted dispensers to lint-free wipes designed specifically for engine cleaning. Our inventory includes oil-absorbent pads, wipes tailored for grease removal, cloths for vehicle polishing, as well as wipes for cleaning and drying automobiles. Additionally, we offer vehicles cleaning wipes to meet diverse cleaning needs.

Should you require general-purpose or specialized automotive cleaning wipes, feel free to reach out to us via call or email to discuss your specific needs.

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U Clean Supplies: Your Ultimate Automotive Cleaning Solution

U Clean Supplies offers a comprehensive range of automotive cleaning supplies designed to meet the demands of workshops, dealerships, car washes, and more. Our products cater to diverse needs, providing an extensive selection of workshop towels, automotive cleaning wipes, and rag alternatives. Whether you require lint-free wipes for engine cleaning or durable, oil-absorbent pads for grease removal, U Clean Supplies has the ideal solution for your automotive maintenance needs.

Exterior Maintenance Made Effortless

When it comes to maintaining the exterior of vehicles, preventing paint scratches is crucial. U Clean Supplies presents a superior alternative in the form of our Supermax Orange Chamois, renowned for its soft, non-abrasive texture. These highly absorbent chamois efficiently clean surfaces without causing any damage. Additionally, our Maxi Wipes offer a smaller yet equally effective option for surface drying, complemented by the Microfibre Cleaning Cloth, designed for meticulous cleaning tasks.

For windshield and glass care, our Industro Wipes stand out, effectively cleaning various surfaces without leaving lint or scratches. Engineered for strength and compatibility with cleaning agents, these wipes ensure a streak-free, spotless finish, making them a preferred choice for automotive cleaning tasks.

Interior Revitalization at Its Best

U Clean Supplies offers an expansive array of automotive interior wipes, expanding its expertise into interior detailing. Our specialized range includes lint-free glass cleaning products such as Lintnil wipes and Micromax cloths. These products are designed to deliver a flawless finish on windscreens and mirrors, guaranteeing a professional touch with every cleaning task. Additionally, our Microfibre Lens Cloths are tailored to provide precision in polishing challenging-to-access areas, establishing them as an essential tool for interior detailing tasks.

In addition to these delicate cleaning solutions, our Omniwipes provide high absorption capabilities, making them perfect for collecting dirt and dust within interiors. Ideal for mechanics as a replacement for traditional cleaning rags, these automotive interior wipes offer superior performance in terms of absorbency and cost-effectiveness.

Efficient Engine and Grease Cleaning Solutions

For the meticulous task of engine and grease cleaning, U Clean Supplies introduces lint-free, robust wipes such as the Automotive Hand Wipes, Lint-Free Equipment Cleaning Wipes, and Proprep Wipes. Engineered to resist solvents and effectively clean various surfaces, these products are invaluable in automotive workshops. Additionally, our range includes Solvent-Resistant Wipes and Jumbo Rhino Rolls, both designed to tackle heavy-duty cleaning tasks with ease.

Our collection extends to specialized absorbent pads, including Oil-Only Absorbent Pads and General Purpose Absorbent Pads, each serving specific needs for oil and water absorption. For degreasing purposes, our Degreasing Wipes offer exceptional performance in absorbing oils, grease, chemicals, and solvents, ensuring efficient cleaning in automotive environments.

Disposable Workshop Essentials

U Clean Supplies takes pride in offering high-quality disposable workshop essentials, including the Jumbo Green Roll and Blue Paper Jumbo Roll. These absorbent workshop wipes cater to high-usage environments, providing convenience and durability. Additionally, our Blue Industro Wipes are stronger and more absorbent than traditional paper towels, making them ideal for cleaning machinery and equipment without abrasion.

Moreover, our Rag-On-A-Roll provides a tough, versatile paper towel suitable for cleaning hands, equipment, and tools, ensuring effective workshop cleanliness.

Rags and Wet Wipes for Varied Needs

U Clean Supplies offers an assortment of bags of rags, including Coloured T-Shirt Rags and White T-Shirt Rags, available in different sizes to suit workshop requirements. These rags serve multiple purposes, from workshop clean-up to oil absorption tasks. Additionally, our Disposable Cotton Rags, crafted from recycled cotton business shirts, offer lower linting for specific applications.

For grease removal on hands and tools, our Grease Wet Wipes provide a convenient solution. Each tub contains 80 pre-moistened wipes designed to effectively eliminate grease and grime.

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The aforementioned products from U Clean Supplies represent only a fraction of our comprehensive range of automotive cleaning supplies. For more information or inquiries, feel free to reach out to us via phone, email, or through our Facebook page. 

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