U Clean Supplies provides a comprehensive range of robust mining wipes tailored for mine sites and the oil and gas sector. Our collection encompasses heavy-duty scrubbing wipes designed specifically to eliminate oil and grease from equipment, along with commercial wipes crafted to maintain cleanliness in mine site villages, kitchens, cribs, and washrooms. Additionally, we offer lint-free wipes ideal for vehicle and equipment maintenance purposes.

For top-notch wiping solutions catering to mine sites or offshore oil and gas platforms, reach out to us via phone or email to explore how we can support your needs.

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U Clean Supplies: Quality Wipes, Cloths, and Rags for Mining, Construction, Oil, and Gas Industries

In the mining, oil, and gas industries, robust health and top-tier cleaning materials are essential. At U Clean Supplies, we specialize in providing high-grade wipes, cloths, and rags tailored to meet the stringent demands of these sectors. Our track record speaks volumes, having reliably furnished mine sites and offshore oil and gas facilities with premium cleaning materials for years.

Our extensive product range caters to diverse needs within mine site operations. From heavy-duty industrial wipes used on machinery, equipment, and vehicles to cleaning wipes for living and dining areas, U Clean Supplies ensures a comprehensive solution. Our heavy-duty wipes excel at removing oil and grease from excavators, drills, and washing plants, guaranteeing superior performance.

Accommodation areas, including crib rooms, washrooms, toilet blocks, and shower blocks, are also covered with our selection of cleaning cloths. Our commercial-grade wipes are ideal for tackling rigorous tasks like cleaning kitchen exhaust systems.

Equipment Maintenance Cleaning Wipes 

For seamless maintenance workdays, U Clean Supplies offers industrial-grade mining wipes that guarantee both time and frustration savings. 

Take, for instance, our heavy-duty RHINO WIPES. These industrial-strength wipes boast exceptional strength, absorbency, tear resistance, and compatibility with solvents. Whether it's soaking up oils, grease, chemicals, or solvents, these wipes perform effortlessly. Available in white rolls, jumbo blue rolls, or convenient dispenser boxes, they serve various purposes across mining operations.

  • White Rhino Wipes: These large-sized, low-linting wipes suit a multitude of tasks, from equipment maintenance to kitchen cleaning. Their versatility allows for tasks like soaking up kerosene, wiping metal surfaces, and absorbing oils and solvents, making them perfect for lint-sensitive cleaning applications.
  • Blue Rhino Mining Wipes: Engineered for cleaning mining equipment and engines, these extra-thick, extra-strong wipes are tear-resistant and lint-free. Their durability and absorbency make them ideal for heavy-duty maintenance tasks, ensuring no residue in engines. They come in rolls perforated for easy dispensing, with each roll holding 475 industrial-grade wipes.
  • Rhino Wipes Dispenser Box: Offering portability and convenience, these dispenser boxes contain 130 pull-out wipes. Their strength, durability, and lint-free nature make them suitable for various tasks, including engine cleaning and surface preparation.

Mining Wipes 

For extensive use in large mine camps, the BLUE INDUSTRO MINING WIPES stand out. These large, absorbent perforated sheets offer superior absorbency and tear resistance, catering to tasks ranging from hand cleaning to kitchen spills. Available in different formats for varied usage, these wipes offer excellent cost savings and versatile functionality.

Moreover, our lint-free Cleaning Cloths for Vehicle Maintenance ensure thorough cleaning without leaving lint behind, making them ideal for sensitive machinery, engines, and bearings.

Jumbo Rolls of Wipes 

Addressing high usage demands across mine sites and offshore oil and gas platforms, U Clean Supplies offers an array of bulk-wrapped JUMBO ROLLS alongside WALL DISPENSERS and FLOOR DISPENSERS.

  • Big Blue Paper Towel Roll: These cost-effective JUMBO BLUE PAPER ROLLS boast 1000 3-ply tissue sheets, ensuring high absorbency and tear strength. Ideal for various tasks, from drying hands to soaking up grease and oil in villages and workshops, they offer convenience when mounted on dispensers.
  • Big Green Wipes Roll: Designed for accommodation villages, canteens, and kitchens, these 600-large tear-off green wipes provide commercial-grade absorbency and durability. Perfect for cleaning surfaces, drying areas, and managing spills effectively.
  • Big Blue Industro Wipes Roll: Tailored for maintenance purposes, these 500 tear-off wipes are solvent-resistant and ideal for cleaning machinery, absorbing oils, and drying hands. With ultra-low linting properties, they're suitable for diverse tasks, including glass cleaning and surface maintenance.
  • Big Blue Rhino Wipes Roll: Engineered for vehicle and equipment maintenance, these extra-thick, lint-free wipes offer exceptional durability and absorbency. Each roll containing 475 wipes serves heavy-duty scrubbing, surface preparation, and solvent absorption tasks efficiently.

Degreasing Wipes 

U Clean Supplies presents both blue and white MELTBLOWN OIL ABSORBENT WIPES - the WHITE PROPREP WIPES for kitchens and the BLUE PROPREP WIPES for workshops. Crafted from 100% melt-blown polypropylene material, these low-linting wipes effectively absorb grease, oils, and fats. Conveniently packaged in dispenser boxes, they serve as an ideal solution for kitchen staff and mechanics on mine sites.

Mine Site R.O.A.R ("Rag-On-A-Roll") 

The RAG-ON-A-ROLL ("ROAR") offers 200 perforated blue towels per roll, each featuring four plies of tissue towels reinforced with nylon webbing for added strength. Widely used across maintenance workshops, kitchens, canteens, and accommodation facilities within mine sites, these versatile towels excel at cleaning surfaces, counters, glass, and hands.

Mining Spill Pads 

U Clean Supplies introduces the SUPERMAX PADS, essential for unexpected spills in canteens or workshops. These highly absorbent, visible, large orange pads quickly soak up liquids, including chemicals, oil, and diesel, ensuring a safe and clean environment. Each carton contains 200 thick, disposable pads for convenience.

Mining Wet Wipes 

Our range includes various types of MINING WET WIPES catering to mining canteens, kitchens, accommodation areas, workshops, and maintenance crews. We have a wide range of cleaning products to meet your needs, including SURFACE DISINFECTANT WIPES and ANTIBACTERIAL WET WIPES, as well as GREASE WET WIPES and GRIME WET WIPES.

Mining Rags 

Apart from wipes and cloths, U Clean Supplies also delivers pallets of rags to mine sites nationwide. COLOUR T-SHIRTS RAGS, WHITE T-SHIRT RAGS, WHITE COTTON RAGS, and MIXED COTTON RAGS are among our products. All our rags undergo metal detection to ensure safety and are sourced from premium overseas manufacturers, guaranteeing quality and superior absorbency.

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