UClean Supplies offers high-quality food safe cleaning wipes ideal for food production, manufacturing, and service industries. Whether you require thorough cleaning for food hoppers, residue-free wiping for dry fillers, or maintaining hygienic food preparation zones, our range of professional cleaning wipes provides a comprehensive solution. Our inventory includes color-coded cloths, disposable wipes, wet wipes, lint-free wipes, and various other commercial-grade options.

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U Clean Supplies prides itself on its commitment to crafting top-notch products. In the realm of professional food safe sanitizing wipes, maintaining a spotless food production area is imperative to uphold hygiene standards and mitigate contamination risks. This rings especially true during deep cleaning procedures for hoppers or equipment before the next batch. Leftover contamination is non-negotiable during cleaning routines. In such professional settings, the demand for commercial-grade, superior wipes, like those offered by U Clean Supplies, is indispensable.

Having collaborated extensively with food production businesses, we comprehend the importance of minimizing lint residue while cleaning food equipment. Notably, not all wipes claiming to be lint-free hold to that promise. Therefore, only the most exceptional wipes suffice for the thorough cleaning of critical equipment. Premium wipes streamline the process of maintaining sanitized and clean spaces effortlessly. U Clean Supplies' wipes excel in absorption and durability and leave no trace of lint behind!

High-Performance Food Wipes

For unparalleled absorption and minimal risk of lint residue, our RHINO WIPES stand as the vanguard! These wipes exhibit swift absorption of fats, oils, grease, chemicals, and solvents, all while maintaining their structural integrity without tearing. The resilient RHINO WIPES are tear-resistant, ideal for intensive scrubbing and tackling arduous cleaning tasks.

The RHINO WIPES are available in three popular formats:

  1. U Clean Supplies Dispenser Box: A portable box housing 130 white wipes, ideal for hand drying, spill absorption, and surface cleaning.
  2. White Rhino Rolls: These centerfeed rolls contain 220 large wipes (38 cm x 22.5 cm) dispensed from WALL-MOUNTED DISPENSERS, offering convenience and quality.
  3. Jumbo Rhino Rolls: With 475 heavy-duty, non-linting super absorbent wipes per roll, these robust wipes are equipped to handle the most challenging cleaning tasks associated with food equipment. Available with WALL DISPENSERS or FLOOR DISPENSERS.

Wipes for Absorbing Oil, Grease, and Fats

In the realm of inevitable oil, grease, and fats prevalent in food production, our PROPREP WIPES come to the rescue. Crafted from 100% melt-blown polypropylene material, these wipes swiftly absorb oils and fats. Available in convenient, portable dispenser boxes, both the WHITE PROPREP WIPES and the BLUE PROPREP WIPES offer professional-grade solutions for cleaning surfaces during food preparation tasks.

Commercial-Grade Food Wipes

In addition to the melt-blown polypropylene PROPREP WIPES, U Clean Supplies offers an array of commercial-grade wipes. The polyester cellulose wipes range includes AMBIWIPES, INDUSTRO WIPES, and SOLVENT RESISTANT WIPES. These wipes boast high absorbency and durability, presenting excellent cost-effectiveness for high-usage areas. Available in various formats, from packs and cartons to rolls.

The SOLVENT RESISTANT WIPES, in particular, are exceptionally handy and designed for absorbing oils, spills, and drying instruments. These cost-effective blue wipes are available in packs of six small rolls, each containing 90 wipes. Additionally, the JUMBO ROLL INDUSTRO WIPES offer 500 wipes per roll for extended use.

The AMBIWIPES, alternatively, offer white wipes in packs of 90, with larger sheets (50cm x 30cm), suitable for surface spills and food preparation tasks. Available in various formats, including a 9" pack and an extra-large pull-out carton (55 cm x 45 cm), the WHITE INDUSTRO WIPES provide versatile disposable options.

Lastly, addressing the need for lint-free polishing cloths, U Clean Supplies presents the renowned MICROMAX cloths. These soft, non-abrasive, highly absorbent cloths ensure a streak-free clean and are perfect for cleaning glasses, windows, and kitchen appliances without leaving any lint.

Paper Towels for the Food Industry

Paper towels serve a vital role in daily high-usage and cost-effective tasks.

For instance, our single-use disposable wipes, known as "RAG-ON-A-ROLL," offer impressive absorbency with 4-ply tissue and excellent tear resistance due to a reinforced scrim webbing embedded within. Portable and convenient, these rolls suit counter placement or WALL DISPENSERS.

The 1000-SHEET PAPER TOWEL ROLL serves as a cost-effective solution for high-traffic food service areas. With easy-tear blue towels, it efficiently handles daily spills and hand drying needs.

The CLASSIC JUMBO ROLL in green provides a thicker, more robust option with 600 perforated wipes, ideal for restaurant kitchens and food production areas. Mountable on WALL DISPENSERS or FLOOR STANDS, these highly absorbent wipes endure prolonged use.

Colour-Coded Wipes for the Food Industry

Due to the risk of foodborne illnesses, implementing color-coded wipes stands as a crucial practice within the food industry. Allocating specific colors to designated tasks minimizes contamination risks and ensures hygiene compliance. U Clean Supplies recommends separating cleaning wipes into BLUE, GREEN, RED, and YELLOW, each assigned to particular cleaning tasks to prevent cross-contamination.

Understanding the paramount importance of food hygiene, U Clean Supplies offers COLOUR-CODED MAXI WIPES. These soft, highly absorbent cloths, akin to J-CLOTHS, effectively absorb and retain liquid, making them ideal for restaurants and food service settings.

Moreover, the SUPERMAX, cut from thicker viscose material, serves as a large-sized floor pad, perfect for absorbing spills.

Additionally, our MICROFIBRE CLOTHS, available in GREEN, BLUE, RED, and YELLOW, come in two variations:

  1. General-Purpose Microfibre Cloths
  2. Lint-Free Microfibre Cloths

Colour-Coded Antibacterial Wipes

Among the most commonly used wipes in the food industry, our premium quality food safe antibacterial wipes, available in Blue, Green, and Red rolls, offer superior absorbency. Each 45-meter roll contains 90 perforated wipes treated with an antibacterial agent to prolong their lifespan.

The CLASSIC GREEN JUMBO ROLL, boasting 600 wipes, stands as an alternative option.

Wet Wipes

In addition to dry wipes, U Clean Supplies provides a diverse range of WET WIPES suitable for use in the food service and production sectors.

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