UClean Supplies offers a diverse selection of healthcare wipes tailored for use in hospitals, medical centers, and healthcare institutions. This assortment encompasses hospital-grade wipes, dental wipes, aged care wipes, incontinence wipes, nursing home cleaning cloths, personal care wipes, and palliative care wipes. Our line of single-use disposable wipes stands as a highly recommended solution for eradicating germs and upholding optimal hygiene standards within various environments.

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Hygiene stands as a pivotal factor in fostering healthy environments, making the availability of high-quality healthcare wipes indispensable, particularly within healthcare facilities. In line with this, U Clean Supplies has meticulously crafted a diverse array of premium health care wipes and clothes suitable for various purposes. This extensive range encompasses single-use disposable wipes as well as color-coded reusable cloths, tailored ideally for deployment in hospitals, dental and medical practices, aged care nursing homes, palliative care facilities, and a spectrum of healthcare organizations, including schools and childcare centers.

OMNIWIPES: Exceptional Healthcare Wipes for Personal and Aged Care

Among our leading healthcare disinfectant wipes, OMNIWIPES stand out for their exceptional absorbency and gentle texture, rendering them optimal for delicate personal care wiping and cleaning. Renowned for their softness, these white swabbing cloths are highly favored in aged care settings for personal care, incontinence care, and patient care across hospitals, palliative care, and critical care facilities.

Single-Use Eco-Friendly Healthcare Wipes

Recognizing the paramount importance of germ control, healthcare facilities predominantly lean towards single-use disposable wipes, ensuring the efficient disposal of used products to contain and prevent germ transmission. U Clean Supplies offers an economical selection of single-use, disposable wipes such as the DELICATE TASK WIPES and the eco-friendly COTTON CELLULOSE WIPES. Both variants cater to delicate surface cleaning tasks, providing a smooth texture and high absorbency while presenting a cost-effective solution for healthcare settings.

Furthermore, our "RAG-ON-A-ROLL" disposable paper towels, consisting of 200 perforated sheets per roll, find utility not only in aged care but also in childcare facilities. Their layered web netting, 4-ply composition, and commendable absorbency make them an optimal choice for cost-conscious budgets seeking high value. Available in white or blue, these towels are compatible with wall dispensers.

Similarly, the JUMBO PAPER ROLL, comprising 1000 sheets of absorbent 3-ply paper tissue, offers a low cost per use. Accompanied by WALL DISPENSERS and portable FLOOR STANDS, it serves as a versatile solution for varied healthcare settings.

For enhanced savings, consider our CLASSIC JUMBO ROLL, containing 600 pieces wrapped within a 300-meter roll, designed to fit JUMBO ROLL FLOOR DISPENSERS or JUMBO ROLL WALL DISPENSERS.

Opt for the sturdier and more resilient PREMIUM "WIPES-ON-A-ROLL" for heavy-duty tasks. With 90 antibacterial pieces on a 45 M HEAVY-DUTY ROLL, this product guarantees durability and strength.

Color-Coded Healthcare Cloths

In healthcare settings where the rapid spread of germs poses a significant concern, the implementation of color-coded clothing serves as a pivotal strategy for containing such spread. At U Clean Supplies, our healthcare wipes come color-coded to mitigate the risk of germ transmission between different areas or tasks, ensuring a hygienic environment in aged care, medical facilities, and diverse healthcare setups.

The color-coding system designates specific colors for distinct areas or tasks. For instance, GREEN CLOTHS serve food areas, while BLUE CLOTHS cater to general cleaning in low-risk germ zones. RED CLOTHS target high germ risk areas, and YELLOW CLOTHS are allocated to low germ risk zones or specific tasks. Strict adherence to this system minimizes cross-contamination between areas or tasks, promoting a healthier environment.

Please refer to the healthcare cleaning directives for comprehensive guidance, emphasizing the significance of maintaining optimal hygiene standards.

Lint-Free Healthcare Wipes

For gentle, lint-free skin care in aged care settings, the POLYSOFT WIPES provide an ideal solution. Likewise, the MICROMAX serves proficiently in polishing glass or equipment, characterized by its low linting properties, non-abrasive nature, and high absorbency. These washable and reusable wipes offer a cost-effective solution for maintaining hygiene in healthcare settings.

The INDUSTRO WIPES, known for their lint-free composition, large size, exceptional absorbency, and compatibility with solvents and chemicals, prove highly efficient in cleaning healthcare equipment and glass surfaces without leaving any lint residue.

For more demanding cleaning tasks, the lint-free WHITE RHINO ROLLS, comprising 220 durable wipes per roll, offer efficient cleaning without leaving lint behind. Moreover, the JUMBO BLUE RHINO ROLL, with 475 thick absorbent wipes, stands as an optimal choice for stubborn grime, oils, and solvents, available either in rolls or as INDUSTRIAL RHINO WIPES in a pop-up box format.

Reusable Wash-Up Cloths

To foster a hygienic environment, adopting the practice of washing and disinfecting cloths after use becomes imperative, eliminating bacteria collected during usage. U Clean Supplies introduces the MAXI WIPES, reusable wash-up cloths revered for their quick absorption, soft texture, and applicability in environments where spills may occur. Available in RED, GREEN, BLUE, and YELLOW variants, these MAXI WIPES serve effectively in retirement villages, nursing homes, childcare centers, schools, or any setting prone to liquid spillage.

For larger surface areas and enhanced absorbency, consider the ORANGE SUPERMAX, an amplified version of the MAXI WIPES, specifically tailored for addressing floor spills in nursing homes and hospitals.

Microfibre Cloths

In addition to the aforementioned range, U Clean Supplies offers a diverse selection of microfibre healthcare cloths, including lint-free MICROMAX and LINT-FREE MICROFIBRE CLOTHS, along with GENERAL PURPOSE MICROFIBRE CLOTHS.

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