U Clean Supplies offers an extensive array of single-use, disposable medical wipes and hospital wipes designed to uphold cleanliness standards in medical, dental, and veterinary clinics, as well as hospitals and Central Sterilization Departments. Alongside our disposable medical wipes, we provide a variety of other medical disposables, including swabs, cloths, and gloves tailored for patient care and sanitizing equipment surfaces. Our comprehensive range of cleaning wipes plays a pivotal role in curbing the transmission of germs, contributing to the maintenance of a sanitary environment.

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U Clean Supplies: Essential Medical Wipes for Various Applications

Single-Use Disposable Medical Wipes 

U Clean Supplies offers a comprehensive selection of single-use disposable wipes ideal for maintaining germ-free environments. These wipes cater to the needs of nurses, doctors, dentists, and veterinarians across various applications such as patient swabbing, instrument drying, and surface cleaning. The range includes both sterile and non-sterile wipes, fulfilling specific requirements in medical settings.

Medical Wipes for Drying Instruments and Equipment 

Ensuring the cleanliness of medical instruments is paramount, and U Clean Supplies addresses this need with specialized wipes designed for drying instruments post-ultrasonic cycles. Notably, WHITE RHINO ROLLS exemplify this purpose, effectively cleaning and drying instruments, equipment, and surfaces. Dental clinics widely use these durable, lint-free wipes for various purposes. The availability of wall dispensers further enhances accessibility to these efficient wipes.

Similarly, U Clean Supplies presents the JUMBO RHINO ROLL, crafted from similar materials but boasting a heavier weight and 475 tear-off pieces. Wall dispensers and floor dispensers complement this larger jumbo roll, accommodating diverse usage scenarios. Additionally, the range extends to ultra-low linting INDUSTRO WIPES, which are larger and well-suited for extensive tasks like wiping windows or metal surfaces. Their solvent resistance and lint-free nature make them compatible with various chemicals and cleaners.

Sterile Medical Wipes 

U Clean Supplies offers a variety of sterile medical wipes tailored for cleaning critical areas and drying medical instruments. Products like STERILE POLYCELLULOSE WIPES, STERILE MICROFIBRE NONWOVEN WIPES, and STERILE POLYKNIT WIPES undergo sterilization processes, making them indispensable for contamination control. These wipes excel at wiping down critical surfaces and drying medical components, ensuring stringent hygiene standards.

Patient Care Cloths 

U Clean Supplies' flagship product, OMNIWIPES, stands out for its softness and exceptional absorbency, making it a popular choice for patient care purposes. Widely utilized in elderly care facilities and dental clinics, these wipes efficiently serve as incontinence wipes and aid in swabbing down chairs between patients. Their rapid drying capabilities find application even in hospitals for drying endoscopes and managing spills effectively.

Disposable Medical Towels 

Efficiently disposing of used wipes significantly contributes to germ control, leading to the popularity of single-use disposable wipes. U Clean Supplies presents "RAG-ON-A-ROLL," featuring 200 disposable paper towels per roll. These towels, equipped with nylon webbing for strength and 4-ply tissue for enhanced absorbency, fit seamlessly into wall dispensers, minimizing waste through perforated sheets. Additionally, options like the JUMBO ROLL with 1000 sheets and BAMBOO WIPES ON A ROLL cater to diverse preferences, offering strength and absorbency for various cleaning needs.

Large Urine Spill Pads 

Designed to address daily spills in veterinary clinics, U Clean Supplies' SUPERMAX offers extra-thick, fast-absorbing solutions for urine and other spills. Its reusable sponge pad features high liquid-holding capacity and versatility, doubling as an animal drying towel, promoting efficiency and sustainability.

Color-Coded Medical Wipes 

Recognizing the significance of wiping and disinfecting surfaces, U Clean Supplies introduces MAXI WIPES, color-coded for efficient germ control. These thick sponges excel in spill absorption, and their color-coding facilitates designated usage in different areas, promoting hygiene adherence among staff. The availability of antibacterial wipes in color-coded formats further enhances cleaning protocols, complementing disinfectants for comprehensive germ control.

Effective Medical Alcohol Wipes

In the medical field, our alcohol wipes stand as reliable tools for maintaining cleanliness and disinfection protocols. Our medical alcohol wipes are designed to efficiently sanitize surfaces and equipment, offering a trusted solution for healthcare settings. These medical alcohol wipes ensure effective disinfection, promoting a hygienic environment essential for medical practices.

Polishing Medical Equipment 

U Clean Supplies' range includes specialized wipes such as the lint-free MICROMAX, perfect for drying and polishing lab equipment and delicate surfaces. MICROFIBRE LENS CLOTHS cater to specific applications like polishing glass surfaces and lenses, serving optometrists in removing watermarks and fingerprints without causing scratches. Additionally, LINTNIL WIPES, known for their softness and solvent resistance, excel in surface polishing and applying disinfectants and lotions.

Lint-Free Medical Wipes 

Addressing critical lint-sensitive cleaning tasks, U Clean Supplies presents the lint-free POLYSOFT WIPES. Vacuum-packed in sterile cleanrooms, these hygienic medical disinfectant wipes are double-knitted and laser-sealed, ensuring top-notch cleanliness. Furthermore, the range includes FOAM SWABS, ideal for applying lubricants and cleaning sensitive equipment, featuring long paddles for efficient debris removal from crevices.

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