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WINNER is a low foaming, neutral pH, multi purpose cleaner ideally suited for automatic floor scrubbing machines or floor mopping. WINNER can also be used as a spray and wipe neutral cleaner on delicate surfaces. 


WINNER is a low foam floor cleaner formulated to remove stubborn soils either by manual or automatic (low foam) machine scrubbing. 

WINNER is suitable for hard surface cleaning of sealed or unsealed floors such as concrete, vinyl, rubber, tile, parquetry, grain wood, marble, slate and timber. 

WINNER is a concentrated floor cleaner which has the following features. 

WINNER is a concentrated neutral spray and wipe cleaner. 


Cleans and emulsifies dirt quickly. 

Has neutral pH which is essential to the life of the sealer finish. 

Works well in hard or soft water conditions. 

Provides a pleasant lemon fragrance during and after cleaning. 

Low foaming for use through Automatic Scrubbing Machines.