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Turbo Strip 400mm


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Flooring Ultimate Polish Removal, Less Loading, Longer Wear

For many years companies have concentrate primarily on adjusting the composition of stripping floor pads, some pads (like Glomesh’s Black Stripping Pad) providing great results for most polished floors. However now comes an innovative pad that also focuses on the design of the floor pad itself. In particular the pad features segments that presents multiple angular edges to the surface that needs to be stripped, resulting in a highly efficient and effective product that saves the operator both time and money.

The Glomesh Turbostrip™ Segmented Rotary Strip Pad features 24 polygonal segments with overlapped angular edges that bite into floor polish aggressively. Independent lab tests show that the Glomesh Turbostrip™ Segmented Rotary Strip Pad achieves up to 5 times faster polish removal than standard black strip pads depending upon the number of coats to be removed. Glomesh Turbostrip™ Segmented Rotary Strip Pad dramatically reduces excess floor polish on strip pads. The pad life increases while the floor stripping work is completed faster.

  • Designed specifically for operators that demand the ultimate performance from their stripping equipment.
  • Uniquely designed non-flat angular leading edges that bite aggressively into the floor wax.
  • The Polygonal overlapped segments also create fluid channels.
  • Featuring 24 leading edges, this design adds more cutting length when stripping, meaning fewer passes, saving time and money.
  • Better cutting power, more aggressive, less loading and longer wear.
  • Innovative design that was three years in the making and taking the industry by storm.